January 27, 2021


Thinking Forward.

5 Ways To Work With A Tough Boss – By Eric Otchere

Working by itself is not easy not to talk of working with a tough boss. A tough boss is someone who gives you a tough time as a result of working with him or her. It may be how they relate with you. For some people, given what they call ‘pressure’ constitutes a tough boss. Whatever you consider as tough, you can work with anyone on earth if you know them and work with them.

To help us with some key insights, let’s invite biblical David to teach us some few ways to work with a tough boss like King Saul. Dave was a shepherd boy who gained fame after being anointed by Prophet Samuel and eventually killing Goliath of Gath. Saul took him under his wings to work with him but it didn’t go that well. Here are five important lessons we can learn from Dave on how to work with a tough boss like Saul who nearly killed him.


David was an interesting guy. Even though he knew Saul wanted to kill him, he still agreed to work with him when Saul called him back after initial hatred exhibited by Saul. There is something David figured out about Saul. Even though he was a tough boss, he was anointed by the Lord. He put all his personal issues aside and worked for the man. We must accept to step in the trenches and work things out. The real game is on the field. Tough bosses are humans too but accepting to work for them increases our experience and capacity to deal with tough things. The late preacher and author Robert Schuller said that tough times never last, but tough people do.


The Bible said that David went out and came in by behaving wisely. Profound! Even though Saul wanted to kill him by sending him to hot battle zones, he behaved wisely. Being careless before a tough boss will land you in trouble. Wisdom is knowing what to do at what time and what place. David didn’t behave as if he was one of the sons and he didn’t behave as if he is the king on the throne because he has been anointed. He worked for Saul wisely. In fact, Saul himself admitted that David was more righteous than him. Wisdom will put us above our tough masters. In his classical message The Making of a King Pastor Mensa Otabil said being anointed and in the palace does not mean you are the king.


The book of Colossians in the Bible says that in all that we do we should do it heartily as to the Lord and not to man. There is no reason to say that because your boss is tough you will act anyhow and that they don’t merit your best effort. That’s a mistake! Learn to give your all. Work as if that is the last chance you have. Every work you are currently doing is a rehearsal for your calling. So therefore, look past your boss and work to attain excellence. In his insightful message Learning Excellence Through Pressure, Pastor Mensa Otabil said working with someone who gives you pressure can help you to become the best. But that’s only when you are working from your heart.


Dave was smart! He was friends with the King’s own son Jonathan. Jona virtually told him everything his father sort to do to Dave. In fact, Jona knew Dave deserved to be king instead of him. He felt the anointing on him. It’s important not to burn all relational bridges because you don’t like your tough boss. Make good friends who can tell you what your boss likes and what he doesn’t. This is part of a strategic approach born out of spiritual wisdom. Sincerely, if you destroy all relationships on top of working in a tough environment, you will not survive. Every boss has specific buttons that work for them. Find them and keep pressing. Author and speaker Rev. Albert Ocran said that we should learn to nurture our important relationships by connecting with them intentionally.


Sometimes nothing you do seem to be producing results. You apply all the above tips but still see nothing. Well, you will see something valuable if you don’t quit. What about if David had quit when Saul was persecuting him? I am sure we would have had a different redemptive history without David playing a key role. What made David push on was that he trusted in the Lord. Sometimes when things are tough, go on your knees and pray to God for help and wisdom. In 2 Samuel, David said that the Lord delivered him from all his enemies. This is deep. It includes Saul who sort to destroy him day and night with an army. Acknowledging God will bring the bad intentions of people to nothing. Let me throw in this: don’t wait till you are in trouble before you disturb God. Build your communication relational account with God.

These five lessons are simple but difficult to practice. You see, the simple things of life are difficult to practice. If we make the effort to work with tough bosses, we can work anywhere. A tough boss prepares you for life in the future. They are always building toughness within you so that you will not give up at the least resistance. Don’t throw your hands in despair and give up. Hold on. Stand firm and see your life become better with time.

Can you relate with anyone of the five insights? Do you have anymore to share? Make it known in the comment column below.

Eric Otchere

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