November 28, 2020


Thinking Forward.

Building a vision is complicated when it is found in your mind alone. -Tonnie Baffoe

Tonnie Baffoe, Executive Director, Og foundation International


Vision in life has a place for it’s operations. It doesn’t stay in the mind, rather it stays in the heart. Everyone has a vision to pursue something, but not all Humans have this habitat for their vision.

Building a vision is complicated when it is found in your mind alone. You easily express them without making them to function for everyone to see. It can be scattered by any storm in life. This is because, there are lot of things that surround and has a place in your mind. And these has power to disturb you from functioning.

Note this, your mind don’t hold your vision for your life, but your heart does. It is the heart you use to BELIEVE in your vision. Believe is a stronghold for your vision. Setting your believe system for your vision gives you hope of achieving whatever you have decided to achieve. Also, your heart is the light of your vision.

Placing your vision in your heart is nurturing it with your faith and with love. LET YOUR HEART LEAD YOU INTO ACCOMPLISHING YOUR VISION IN LIFE. This will give you the power to endure, to be patient and to be consistent.

Place every vision you have in your heart. It may be; Your personal vision, Your family vision, Your occupational vision, Your organizational vision etc, kindly let them be in your heart.
Again, when you allow your vision to settle on your mind, you will take actions anyhow, you will only move in the direction of others and you’ll also take actions base on what others may say. And this will make you lose the power to make that vision work.

Many are complaining and messing up because their whole vision is just on their mind. There is no conviction of what they are doing, there is doubt on what they have engage themselves with.

On this note, let your vision be your precious entity. Every precious thing is placed in the heart. The Bible says, it is with the heart that we use to BELIEVE IN THE LORD JESUS. Jesus is the ultimate vision and idea to us. This shows that, every vision must live in the heart; that is, we must believe in it. By believing in it, you give yourself chance to also love the vision, and you can’t love without been consistent and committed to the task. With this, as you love this vision of yours, you give more room to yourself to be more consistent and committed.

I charge you to be conscious about your vision, know where it is and this will help and save you.

Thank you!