November 28, 2020


Thinking Forward.

It doesn’t take so much for God to do too much.- Mensah Otabil


Esau was born with the prospect of greatness. He was born with a birthright blessing. However, he was careless and sold his birthright to his younger brother for a bowl of stew. 20 years later when it was time to receive the birthright blessing, his younger brother Jacob takes it instead.

Like Esau, when you have missed a great opportunity in life, how do you respond? Esau cried and asked if nothing is left to start with. It seems like a defeatist mentality but it was a mentality of making the best of the situation


His prayer showed three things:

  1. The Agony of Missed Opportunities- he lifted up and wept.
  2. Passion and Hunger for New Opportunities – he wasn’t ready to settle. He wanted to make use of whatever little was left.
  3. A New Found Respect For Little Things – he learnt that little things can be great. Little things can be used to do great things.

The first step to make it somewhere is to decide you will not stay where you are. In his disappointment, anger and hatred, he chose to not accept the situation.


It may not seem big but it will do something big for you.

  1. Natural Resources
  2. Supernatural Blessing
  3. Warrior Spirit

With all these things at the disposal of Esau, he was still going to be a servant, serving his brother. That seems like the story of Africa, we are spiritual, have natural resources and are hardworking but nothing seems to come out of it all.

However, the blessing is in becoming restless. Jacob told Esau that it is in restlessness that the yoke will be broken.

The blessings will come when we take personal responsibility. When we determine that we will not allow our current circumstances to put us down. We have to stand and say we will not die in this situation. We need to say we have been poor, dejected and oppressed for far too long.

As a nation, we need to know that we will not prosper because of natural resources and we pray so much or depend on other nations. We have had natural resources and prayed for long without change. We will prosper if we become restless and decide that we will take our destiny into our own hands and determine to change the status quo. We must decide to do something about all the things we have suffered.

No matter what misfortunes we have suffered in life, whether our businesses collapsed, spouse left us, parents didn’t take care of us and any other way we feel we have been cheated in life, we must decide that at a point we will take personal responsibility and do something about it.

Thomas Edison said, “Restlessness is discontent and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure.”


Jacob returned and brought resources to pacify Esau for taking his blessing. Esau tells him to keep what he has because he also has enough. It seemed he had been left with nothing, but 20 years later, because he was restless, he had not been left behind. He also had his own company and resources.

Some years from now, we must not be bitter about what we lost and suffered in the past. If we become restless to change that experience, we will not be left behind, we will have enough.

It will be great that in the future, for Ghana and other African countries, when other nations extend aid to us, we will tell them to keep it for themselves because we also have enough.

It doesn’t take so much for God to do too much. All we have to do is be restless in using the little God has given us!

Scripture Reference

TEXT: Genesis 27:38-40; 32:3-6; 33:1-8