January 26, 2021


Thinking Forward.

”Prayer is absolutely necessary and our attitudes towards it must be genuine.” – Simon Tagoe



sermon by Pastor Simon Tagoe

Part 1
A revelation of the person of the Holy Spirit is essential for the church to have a transformational expression of her place in Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit is light and an encounter with him is an experience with his light. He permeates our being making us true images of him and carriers of his life.

The Holy Spirit also manifests as water. He is described metaphorically as the river whose streams make glad the city of God (Psa. 46:2). We are the city of God and as a flowing river carries along with it any loosely-anchored obstacle in its path, so does the Spirit of God flush out every limitation to our manifestations if we allow him to flood our hearts.

We experience the flow of the Spirit at varying levels and heights in our lives(Note: we have Him in a full measure) but a complete immersion(in influence) is critical to our maturity. This is because at the instances of a partial immersion (as revealed to Ezekiel) where we are to the ankles, knees, or waist-deep in the river, there is still tendency to take control and be driven by our own will to some extent. On the contrary, we will trade our will for God’s when we are completely consumed by the flood of the Spirit. We move as we are led by him and we succumb to his will and purposes for our lives. This is the place of full maturity and conformity.

Allow the river of the Holy Spirit to carry you because your yielding to him will determine how far he will take you.

Part 2
To have an encounter with the Spirit of God, prayer is absolutely necessary and our attitudes towards it must be genuine. We do not pray as merely a fulfilment to a daily requirement. No! As the Spirit of God takes over you, he changes your perception of prayer. There is a paradigm shift from trying to meet a requirement to building a relationship.
In the context of a relationship, there will be no struggle to tarry long in the presence of God. Time no longer becomes limiting in prayer and you enjoy the sweetness of the Lord’s presence so much that you long to be like him. You begin to manifest his life to a fuller capacity inevitably.
Long for a personal encounter with the Spirit of God. For it will transform your life for the best! Scripture: Psalm 46:2-4/ Ezekiel 47:1-5
God bless you