November 28, 2020


Thinking Forward.

”We all make mistakes at a point in our lives.” Akua Ntiwaa

Akua Ntiwaa - Women Advocate

Fellow women, We all make mistakes at a point in our lives. We make the wrong choices that live deep scars on our hearts. We repeat same old mistakes over and over again. It’s fine! It’s so cool! It’s no news! It happens not just to you but so many people. Take advantage to learn your lessons when the time comes. The number of times you’ve fallen doesn’t matter but how many times you rose up does! Don’t be hurt too much! Don’t blame yourself too much! Get over it! Accept it however it is and walk away. Close the chapter already dearest! I know how hard it can be but there’s that strong part of you that can fight it! So FIGHT IT! DEAL WITH IT!